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Vehicles going through red lights.

Red light enforcement cameras

Since 2008, Fareco has been working to provide the French Government with automated enforcement systems, which have helped to shape road safety policy thanks to their cutting-edge technology.

Half of the equipment used for red light enforcement in France has been provided by Fareco.

Two solutions are available, based on the detection technology that you would prefer:

  • GTC-GS11-B system: with detection using electromagnetic loops.
  • GTC-GS11-R system: with detection using non-intrusive cameras.

All of our equipment complies with the decree of 24/11/2010, amending the decree of 15/07/2004, and is approved by the LNE (French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing).


These systems are equipped with automatic exposure lenses, which provide exceptional-quality digital colour images.

Each offence includes a number of images, each with a resolution of 11 megapixels and 12 bits per pixel.


The data is encrypted and contains all the relevant information about the images captured (such as the lane number, how long the light was on red, the terminal status and the configuration) using the latest technology (such as iP and encrypting). The terminal can be connected to the national offence-processing centre.

In order to ensure full compatibility with French standards, GTC-GS11-B systems also implement the LCR (Langage de Commande Routier – “Road Command Language”) protocol for interactions with the national offence-processing centre in Rennes.


In order to fit more harmoniously with the urban landscape, a totem-shaped Monolite model is available.

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