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Vehicle-mounted mobile cameras

Next-generation speed-camera cars

Since 2012, Fareco has been providing next-generation mobile speed-enforcement cameras to the French government. More than 300 vehicles have been rolled out across France to monitor the speed of vehicles travelling away from them (in the same direction) and the speed of vehicles travelling towards them (in the opposite direction).

In 2016, the French Government tasked FARECO with modernising “speed-camera cars” with a view to placing them on the outside of vehicles, as “private suppliers should only be driving the vehicle as part of their role”. This process mainly set out to free up law enforcement agencies and increase the rate of use for these systems.

In order to achieve this objective, in 2016, FARECO oversaw the following technical developments:

  • Real-time identification of speed signs
  • Full automation of the system
  • Location management
  • Data gathering and recording

This new generation of mounted camera is connected, which makes it possible to provide the relevant information about the vehicle’s travel (such as the traffic speed in order to measure the impact of the device and therefore the effectiveness of the solution, and signs to regulate their appropriateness and their situation). All of this is used to populate an “Open Data” database.

Two types of mounted automated enforcement:

  • Manual version (requires 2 members of law enforcement agencies, the driver and the sworn passenger operating the device)
  • Automated version (no longer any need for the sworn passenger)

All of our equipment complies with the decree of 4/06/2009 and is approved by the LNE (French National Laboratory of Metrology and Testing).

Contrôle de vitesse


Voiture radar version manuelle


Voiture radar version manuelle


Voiture radar version automatique - sans assermentation


Voiture radar version automatique - sans assermentation


Voiture radar version automatique - sans assermentation

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