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FARECO brings you innovative solutions for detecting carpooling

COVOITUS: Carpooling vehicle detection system

The FARECO COVOITUS system identifies the number of people in vehicles, without identifying them.

As a result, this system can monitor vehicles involved in carpooling arrangements or incentivise carpooling by offering reduced tariffs if they do so repeatedly:

  • Carpooling or open lanes.
  • Entry/exit for park and rides
  • Toll roads
  • Motorway service stations

A number of specialist areas need to be covered in order to detect passengers in the vehicle.

Our system includes:
• Image processing and high-speed image capture
• Optical physics in order to manage reflections and deal with tinted windows
• Technology to tell human beings and mannequins apart
• An artificial intelligence algorithm

Analysis based on artificial intelligence

Information is analysed using artificial intelligence, which means that the device can self-learn
for the purposes of adapting to the specific nature of carpooling use and therefore improving the level of performance as more and
more cars pass through.

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