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The LYNX Control Station for smart management of on-street parking.

Managing and overseeing on-street parking

This LYNX Control Station Unit helps to manage street-parking spaces in real time. It receives information about free and occupied parking spaces sent by sensors which have been set up and displays the availability on the parking guidance system signs. Users are directed towards free spaces, which improves the flow of traffic. Operators have a statistics panel (such as the occupancy rate and total length of time) in order to manage public areas better.

Cartographie PC de supervision LYNX STATIONNEMENT


- Visual display of space availability using coloured markers (free, occupied and time exceeded)
- Visual display of the operating status of parking guidance system signs
- Visual display of the message on the parking guidance system signs

Vue d'ensemble

- Visualisation de l’état de fonctionnement des panneaux de jalonnement
- Visualisation de l’affichage des panneaux de jalonnement


  • Management of time exceeded
  • Zone management
    • Configurable zone capacity
    • Display panels, counters and sensors linked for each zone
  • Management of counters
    • Counters per zone
    • Counters can be linked to the entry/exit sensors for the zone
  • Dynamic parking signage system
    • The number of remaining spaces per zone displayed on linked display panels
    • “FREE” or “OCCUPIED” displayed, based on predetermined thresholds
  • Statistics
    • Log of when the space was occupied
    • Changes in balance per zone
    • Data export to Excel


  • Configuration of detection devices (such as magnetometers, concentrators and stock counters)
  • Configuration of equipment (such as parking guidance system signs and quick-stop parking meters)  
  • Configuration of controlled zones


Alerts and constraints

  • Management of field constraints
  • Management of faults (current/archived)
  • Management of incidents (current/archived)


  • PC LYNX Fareco Plaquette (pdf, 1.95 MB)
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