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LYNX Control Station - V2X

The LYNX Control Station V2X Unit for performing operations monitoring on roadside units and vehicle-mounted units in projects relating to smart and cooperative transport systems.

Managing and overseeing Roadside Units and Vehicle-Mounted Units

This Lynx Control Station performs operations monitoring on roadside units and vehicle-mounted units as part of trial roll-outs (such as driverless shuttles and road sectors) and makes it possible to closely monitor exchanged V2X messages or even simulate messages to this equipment.

PC LYNX Module V2X


- Visual geo-tracking of roadside units and visual tracking of vehicle-mounted units
- Visual display of the identification details of the equipment being monitored (ID and type)
- Visual display of the status of roadside units (operational, fault or out-of-service)
- Visual display of traffic incidents flagged by roadside units (accidents and breakdowns)
- Visual display of the routes taken by the vehicle-mounted units
- Visual display of the distances between the vehicle-mounted units and the roadside units
- Analysis of RSSIs in order to monitor the radio range of the roadside units

Detailed information and V2X messages

  • Detailed roadside-unit information: identity, status and software versions

  • Log of/statistics on messages in transit from smart transport systems (such as CAM, DENM, SPAT, MAP and SREM)

  • Log of vehicle-mounted units detected (identity, max and min travel distance, max and min speed and dimensions)

  • Log of alerts relating to roadside units and vehicle-mounted units by the operator (faults, breakdowns and recoveries)

  • Real-time information about incidents on each roadside unit

  • Unit overriding for sending DENM and IVIM messages

  • Monitoring the status of critical components via SNMP (such as CPU load, network speeds and disk space)

  • Monitoring the operating status for roadside units via SNMP (option if MIB is available)

  • Traffic data gathering

  • Configurable data export (manual or automatic)
  • Remote relaunch tool for roadside units (in maintenance mode)


  • PC LYNX Fareco Plaquette (pdf, 1.95 MB)
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