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Free flow toll systems

Drawing on its past experience in the toll sector, FARECO has developed a free flow toll solution. In this free flow toll system, vehicles travel without stopping and lanes are not separated by obstacles (no islands or barriers). Vehicles can even change lanes.

Unlike Stop & Go toll systems, Free Flow toll systems use the following equipment:

  • Either on a gantry (5.5 m from the ground for the largest trucks): e-tag readers (DSRC and RFID), context camera, number plate recognition camera, radars/lidar, lighting, dynamic signals and speed detector
  • On the side of the road (which poses a problem if there are more than 2 lanes): optical bars for classifying vehicles, height sensors and laser/lidar
  • Or in the ground: Inductive loops, Piézo sensors, magnetometers and treadles (axle-detection pedals)


Vehicles are monitored but can travel freely. The basic data collected (e-tag, number plate and physical characteristics of the vehicle) are processed on a Back-Office Operations Server, which classifies authorised/unknown vehicles based on information from a Back-Office Business server, which manages passes.



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