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Stop & Go toll systems

Système de péage stop & go

Stop & Go

FARECO brings you Stop and Go toll solutions, which provide a smoother payment system and enable traffic to flow more freely. This solution is based on a range of potential payment methods, advanced vehicle classification systems and powerful software.
Systèmes de péages ouverts ou fermés
Borne tout paiement


A range of payment methods are available (such as coins, notes, bank cards and e-tags) to ensure compatibility with the payment habits of all users and countries.

For open and closed systems

Our software and equipment solution can accommodate both open toll systems (users don’t take a ticket, they go through a single station and pay a fixed toll) and closed toll systems (users go through two stations, taking a ticket or encoding their e-tag at the first one and paying an amount proportional to the distance covered at the second).

Advanced classification

Thanks to the DACO (Optical Automatic Class Detector) automatic classification system, our solution determines the class of a vehicle before it even arrives at the payment terminal. An algorithm helps to manage lanes which are shorter than the maximum length of a heavy goods vehicle.

Versatile software

Our solutions are equipped with state-of-the-art EasyToll software. This upgradable software is hugely versatile, as new functionalities can be added to it quickly and easily for tolls with booths, as well as for automatic payment terminals (the “coin sorter” unit, for example)

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