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Detection using magnetometers

The FlexControl unit is a compact unit which helps to control all components in a wireless vehicle detection system.

The unit establishes two-way wireless communications with sensors and repeaters on the network and synchronises all of the devices. It also sends out configuration commands and delivery receipts.

Finally, it receives and processes detection data from the sensors, which are then sent on to an onsite traffic light controller or a remote traffic-management center.

In short, the FlexControl unit performs the same functions as a dry contact access point (APCC), with th exception of internal contact closures.


The FARECO magnetometer is a wireless sensor which communicates using radio waves (868 MHz). It boasts precision of nearly 98% and works equally well with light and heavy vehicles.  It has a lifespan of 7 to 10 years (proven timespan on the ground).

It is installed in the ground using coring and does not protrude above the road’s surface, meaning that snowploughs or cleaning vehicles can drive over it without any risk of damage.  It is particularly suitable for detection purposes on road networks or in open-air car parks (city centres). It seamlessly integrates with the LYNX Control Station.

Thanks to the FOX unit (magnetometer), it provides detection in front of quick-stop parking meters. It is compatible with the SCC400 and ZEPHYR road-counting stations.

Installation capteur magnétomètre Fareco


It is a completely waterproof (IP68 certified) and very compact (90 mm in diameter and 50 mm in height) sensor, which can be installed in the roadway in less than 15 minutes (including coring).
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