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The standard Vision II range of three-colour traffic lights.

Feu Tram Fareco Vision II


The Vision II traffic light range combines simplicity and performance. Vision II is entirely made in France and is highly resistant to weather conditions and vandalism, all while remaining lightweight and easy to install.

• Sleek and understated design: its simple design can easily fit into any type of urban landscape.
• Easy to install: this three-colour traffic light is lightweight and made of stainless steel, and can be installed quickly and easily.
• Secure assembly: Attached using slotted holes for an easy and more secure fit for the installer.
• Adjustable direction (0-90°): Its direction can be adjusted thanks to the three different lengths available for the locking clip (257 mm, 218 mm and 178 mm).
• Anti-rotation serrated clip
Tête de feu Vision II


The Vision II traffic light’s head is made entirely of stainless steel, making it highly resistant. Its LED lenses have a central light source that provide consistent lighting (in compliance with the NF EN 12368 standard).


The Vision II’s repeater is made out of Zamak, a combination of 100% recyclable metals allowing for very thin sheets.
Décompteur numérique piétons

Décompteur numérique :

Le décompteur numérique piétons est un dispositif à portée pédagogique, qui informe les piétons du temps restant de vert ou rouge sur le signal piéton R12. Le décompteur s’installe en complément du signal piéton, il peut être installé sur du mobilier urbain existant.
Signal Piétons

Signaux piétons :

Le signal piéton du Vision II est équipé d’un dispositif sonore de haute qualité permettant la transmission des messages normalisés aux personnes à mobilité réduite.

Additional signals

The Vision II range may be equipped with :

  • An A13b signal for pedestrian priority.
  • An R25 pedestrian sound signal.
  • R17 and R18 driver assistance signals for Tramways and Buses.
  • A push button for pedestrian priority.
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