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V2X Communication

V2X (Vehicle-Road Infrastructure) communication solutions

The NEXO Roadside Unit

In order to support the roll-out of cooperative smart transport systems, Fareco has developed NEXO, a roadside unit which enables secure ITS-G5 communications between smart infrastructure and connected or driverless vehicles.

Vehicle-Infrastructure Communication

Thanks to its V2X communication system, NEXO makes it possible to collect, exchange and process data between connected vehicles and road-infrastructure equipment (such as three-colour traffic lights, VMSs and sensors). As a result, it makes it possible to exchange CAM, SPAT, DENM, IVI SREM, SSEM and CPM messages from smart transport systems containing information such as traffic light status and times, dangers on the road, current works, accidents and priority requests for public transport. This information is exchanged in order to try to improve personal safety (drivers, road workers and pedestrians), as well as improve mobility and offer new services to users. Discover the wide range of usage scenarios for the NEXO Roadside Units.

UBR NEXO : V2X Communication Parc OL Lyon

Discover the Roadside Unit NEXO

Why choose our Roadside Units?

  • Our Roadside Units can be used in a range of multi-disciplinary scenarios: driverless shuttles, public transport vehicles, counting and road safety.
  • Perfect Roadside Unit/Controller integration: a shared R&D team and cultivated professional know-how.
  • Verified interoperability for easy integration on European corridors:  SCOOP, CROADS and INTERCOR.
  • Operational monitoring over roadside units and vehicle-mounted units, as well as messages exchanged.
  • Compliance with international standards (ETSI, CEN and ISO).
  • Encryption-based security system and management of digital certificates (PKI and others).
  • V2X communication using a software platform by YOGOKO, which has been involved in major cooperative-smart-transport-system projects for a long time.
By combining YOGOKO’s middleware with our traffic-regulation know-how, we can offer a reliable and secure V2X communication solution, which provides perfect interoperability with the road’s communication system.
François Leblanc, CEO of FARECO

Numerous applications for users and operators

Thanks to our NEXO roadside unit, driverless vehicles equipped with mounted smart transport stations can communicate with connected infrastructure. As a result, driverless vehicles can be rolled out in city centres, on motorways and on private sites, with the aim of improving road safety, making the traffic flow more smoothly and improving safety for road workers. 




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