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Quality and client satisfaction are central to our strategy.

Satisfaction client


We regularly perform market research on our clients in order to better anticipate their needs. The results of this research provide the guiding principles for our innovation projects, which are central to our product development strategy. Our continuous improvement approach is therefore helping us to enhance our existing products by including new features or to offer appropriate new products or solutions for meeting the current challenges in each of our areas of activity.

Customer and employee satisfaction therefore both help to drive performance within our company.
Respect de l'environnement


Our steadfast commitment to protecting the environment is a key aspect of our operations and has led us to develop our methods and procedures in line with the ISO 14001 (V 2015) standard.
We focus in particular on our choices of raw materials and suppliers. The vast majority of our suppliers and sub-contractors are less than 100 km from our assembly and logistics centre. From the moment our products are designed, in our research and development office, we incorporate the environmental approach as a criterion alongside technical and economic criteria. This approach relates to thinking of the most recyclable materials and components, and the most energy-efficient manufacturing and assembly processes. It goes as far as thinking about how the equipment will by used in the future and how it can use as little energy as possible.
Atelier de fabrication


We have calculated the carbon footprint for products manufactured, and we are constantly looking to reduce it in light of developments in manufacturing and assembly techniques. We also expect our sub-contractors and suppliers to follow our approach and we regularly perform audits.
Audit sécurité


As part of its safety policy, FARECO is developing a risk-prevention culture in order to ensure the health and safety of the people working to drive the company forward.

Fareco has a zero-accidents objective and this has resulted in many different joint initiatives:

• safety talks being held
• audits and safety visits
• safety challenges being organised
• modification of workstations in order to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders
• communication campaigns (interactive safety workshops and safety days)
• occupation-based training
• personalised onboarding and support for new recruits and temporary staff
• awareness-raising about the importance of wearing personal protective equipment