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Our history

  • 2018

    Launch of the NEXO (V2X) Roadside Unit

    Thanks to NEXO, connected vehicles can communicate securely with each other and driverless vehicles can communicate securely with the city or road’s smart infrastructure. This is an essential component for the roll-out of smart and cooperative transport systems, which are currently central to urban and road mobility projects.
  • 2016

    Acquisition of MULTITOLL

    The acquisition of the company MULTITOLL’s assets enables FARECO to add toll systems to its roadway product offering and establishes the business outside of France.
  • 2008

    Vehicle-mounted cameras

    Thanks to the programme to equip 50% of red-light enforcement systems in France, Fareco sets foot in a new area of activity: automated enforcement. As a result, the company gradually becomes a key player for the Ministry of the Interior (Road Safety Delegation).
  • 2007

    Acquisition of SIAT

    With the acquisition of SIAT, FARECO boasts additional expertise in road data gathering.
  • 1998

    Creation of the FARECO brand

    New company name. The company Garbarini becomes FARECO, standing for “FAyat REgulation COntrôle” (“Fayat Management and Enforcement”).
  • 1996

    Garbarini joins the Fayat Group

    The company Garbarini joins the FAYAT Group, France’s leading independent construction group and world leader in road equipment.
  • 1935

    1st Controller developed

    The first controller for intersections with traffic lights is developed. It is brought into operation on Avenue de Neuilly in Paris the following year. From this point on, the company focuses its operations exclusively on urban and road lighting signals.
  • 1930

    The first three-colour lighting signals

    At the start of the 1930s, the company starts manufacturing traffic signalling equipment and develops lighting for level crossings using signs equipped with reflectors.
  • 1921

    First manufacturing workshop

    André Garbarini, an engineer who studied at the École Supérieure d’électricité, sets up a workshop which focuses on manufacturing refrigerators for boats and parabolic gas heaters.
    These heaters would be sold all across Europe and would receive numerous awards and prizes, which would earn him his excellent reputation.
    André Garbarini also developed a bow spotlight for submarines, which would experience great success, leading to the British Admiralty visiting his manufacturing workshop.