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Dirigeants de FARECO à l'inauguration du T3b


On 24th November 2018, the extension of line T3B of the Paris tramway, linking Porte de la Chapelle to Porte d’Asnières, was opened.

FARECO’s expertise in traffic-light controllers played a key role in integrating 19 controllers as part of a project that began in April 2014, with the goal of adding 8 stops onto 4.3 km of track.

We started an engineering research phase, which looked into how the traffic-light controllers would operate in order give priority to trams over the rest of the traffic. It should be noted that trams travel under time constraints: the amount of time that it takes trams to stop and slow down must be minimised in order to ensure that they are at each stop at a specific time.

This research led to traffic-light-controller programmes being developed, which we have integrated into our state-of-the-art Gallery controllers.

The final stage of this project (and the final link in the chain) was bringing these controllers into operation. This stage followed a complete reshaping of the road network. The entire geometry of the different intersections was redesigned to enable everything to be perfectly coordinated.

The project was completed when the controllers were connected to the Control Stations in Paris. The project was opened by the Minister of Transport, the President of the RATP (the Paris public transport operator), the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, the President of the Ile-de-France Regional Council Valérie Pecresse, as well as FARECO’s management team.

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