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62 intersections managed by FARECO on Boulevard du BAB 1 and 2

62 intersections managed by FARECO on Boulevard du BAB 1 and 2

62 Rapid Transit Bus Service intersections in the South-West of France managed by our Gallery controllers. The Tram’Bus 1 project started in February 2017, with the aim of connecting Hauts-de-Bayonne to Biarritz city centre, Bayonne city centre, the shopping centres and Anglet city centre.

This 12 km route contains 45 intersections with traffic lights, which are managed by our Gallery controllers. 90% of the intersections are now operational. In January 2019, Fareco was awarded the second line (Tram’Bus 2) connecting Anglet, Bayonne and Tarnos, which contains 17 intersections. These intersections are expected to come into operation in January 2020.

Across both of these 2 projects, FARECO has been made responsible for bringing controllers into operation, programming them and proactively conducting a functional review of the intersections, in order to make the light timings accommodate the traffic, all while giving priority to buses.

This ambitious project has given us the chance to stand out, thanks to our expertise in traffic management.

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