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FARECO’s fundamental role in a 1,000m2 smart city

FARECO’s fundamental role in a 1,000m2 smart city

FARECO attended the International Summit on Innovation in Medium-Sized Cities (SIIVIM – Sommet international de l'innovation en villes médianes) in Nevers on 9th and 10th November last year. This summit was a first in France, and served to highlight Smart Cities larger than 1,000m2.  The summit’s location gave visitors the opportunity to dive into a connected smart city and discover the 116 technologies that were incorporated and selected to showcase the city of tomorrow.  Two Fareco solutions were showcased:

  • NEXO, a Roadside Unit enabling secure communication between smart infrastructure (traffic-light controllers) and driverless vehicles.
  • TO PARK, a real-time system for managing parking spaces in public areas.

In our display area, we presented our innovations to a number of bodies. We were also honoured to welcome Mr Mounir Mahjoubi, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs and elected representative for Paris’ 19th arrondissement, as well as Denis Thuriot, the Mayor of Nevers.

At this initial SIIVIM, a large number of discussions took place about the evolution of urban services. The summit also achieved its objective of encouraging medium-sized cities to undergo digital transformations in order to reinvent the city of tomorrow.

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