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Research on traffic and operational configurations for traffic lights.

Research on traffic and public transport (such as trams and Rapid Transit Bus Services), as well as programming for intersections with traffic lights and bringing them into operation.

Three-colour lighting signal services

  • Research on operational configurations for single intersections with traffic lights:


Irrespective of the intersection’s geometry, our research takes into account the project’s different constraints in order to bring you the best suited operational configuration.

  • Research on operational configurations for several intersections with traffic lights:


When a number of intersections are close together, they often need to be coordinated. This research therefore helps to fine-tune the operational configuration of intersections in order to help traffic flow smoothly on a given road.

  • Research on operational configurations for complex systems:


Complex priority systems (tramways, buses and Rapid Transit Bus Services) or intersection monitoring systems (remote-monitoring control station) require specific studies.

  • Programming/Bringing intersections into operation:


As a proficient manufacturer, we have extensive expertise in programming our automated systems. We can perform work on new or existing equipment in order to bring the operational configuration into line with the research that has already been performed. We will provide you with a technician with perfect knowledge of the equipment and technology, but also of traffic management rules. The service for bringing an intersection into operation will be performed on site, on a date agreed in advance.

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