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Our teams provide you with support throughout the project, from design engineering right up to the toll system being rolled out and opened.

Système de péage Fareco


Our expertise in conventional and free flow tolls means that we can provide a support service for designing your toll system and managing the roll-out and installation phases.

A turnkey system!

An entire team of experts working for you

Our projects in this area of activity are managed by experts boasting experience and know-how that enable us to roll out complex solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. In addition to their performance, the way that our solutions are designed and rolled out means that they can be fully upgraded and can satisfy our clients in every way.

A system based on the latest technologies

Our more than 50 years of experience in tolls and managing access to motorways, cities and urban areas allow us to design vehicle identification, classification and management systems drawing on the latest technologies, and therefore to provide our clients with comprehensive turnkey hardware and software systems.

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